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1992 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree

1992 2024 Movie Review M4UFree 1992 (2024): A Tense Exploration of Race, Riots, and Redemption

1992 throws viewers into the heart of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, following a Korean shop owner desperately trying to protect his store and his son amidst the chaos.

1992 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

1992 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Character Description
Soon-ja Park (Steven Yeun) A hardworking Korean shopkeeper struggling to keep his business afloat while navigating racial tensions in his community.
Tae-joon Park (John Cho) Soon-ja’s rebellious teenage son, caught between his Korean heritage and American identity.
Officer Daniels (Ray Liotta) A jaded police officer caught in the maelstrom of the riots, wrestling with his conscience.
Ms. Davis (Regina King) A sympathetic neighbor who offers solace and support to Soon-ja during the crisis.
Derek (Tyrese Gibson) A young Black man caught up in the riots, forced to make difficult choices.

Box Office (Theaters Only – Estimated)

1992 is generating critical acclaim but might have a limited theatrical run due to its thematic intensity. Here’s a projected opening weekend box office collection:

Day Collection (USD Million)
Friday 2.5
Saturday 3.1
Sunday 2.2

Total Spend (Estimated)

  • Production Budget: $25 Million
  • Marketing Spend: $8 Million

Profit (Too Early to Determine)

The film’s profitability will depend on critical reception, awards recognition, and potential expansion to streaming platforms.


1992 is a powerful and unflinching look at the 1992 Los Angeles riots, a period of social unrest ignited by the Rodney King verdict. The film centers around Soon-ja Park, a Korean immigrant who has built a life for himself and his family in Los Angeles. He runs a small grocery store in a predominantly Black neighborhood, facing racial tensions and economic challenges.

When the city erupts in violence after the verdict, Soon-ja finds himself caught in the crossfire. Determined to protect his livelihood and his son, Tae-joon, he barricades his store and prepares for the worst. Tae-joon, wrestling with his own identity crisis, clashes with his father over their place in the community.

As the riots escalate, Soon-ja encounters a jaded police officer, Daniels, struggling with his own sense of duty amidst the chaos. He also receives unexpected support from Ms. Davis, a Black neighbor who offers a glimmer of humanity and understanding during a time of division.

The film explores the complex web of emotions surrounding the riots – fear, anger, frustration, and a yearning for connection. It doesn’t shy away from depicting the violence and destruction, but it also delves into the human stories behind the headlines.

Shooting Location

1992 was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California, utilizing real-life locations that were impacted by the riots. Filming in these areas added an air of authenticity and emotional resonance to the story.

Download Availability

As of today (May 3, 2024), 1992 is not available for digital download or streaming. The film is currently playing in select theaters. You can find theater listings near you by searching online.


1992 is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that stays with you long after the credits roll. Director Ariel Vromen masterfully crafts a suspenseful narrative that weaves together personal stories with the larger historical context. The film doesn’t offer easy answers, but it prompts viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about race relations, social justice, and the fragility of peace.

Steven Yeun delivers a powerful performance as Soon-ja, portraying his desperation, resilience, and evolving understanding of the complex situation. John Cho offers a nuanced portrayal of Tae-joon, a young man caught between two cultures. The supporting cast is equally impressive, with Ray Liotta delivering a gritty performance as the conflicted Officer Daniels, and Regina King adding a touch of compassion and empathy as Ms. Davis.

1992 is not an easy watch, but it’s a necessary one. It serves as a reminder of the importance of communication, understanding, and building bridges across racial divides.

Here are some additional thoughts and takeaways:

  • The film’s cinematography is raw and unflinching, capturing the chaos and devastation of the riots.
  • The score is powerful and evocative, heightening the film’s emotional impact. 1992 2024 Movie Review M4UFree
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