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Not Another Church 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Not Another Church 2024 Movie Review M4UFree Not Another Church Movie: A Hilarious Spoof with Heart

Not Another Church 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Not Another Church 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

  • Bishop Zeke (Kevin Daniels): A struggling pastor leading a dysfunctional church on the brink of closure. God himself appears to him and tasks him with creating a movie inspired by his crazy family to revitalize the church and the community.
  • Sista V (Vivica A. Fox): Bishop Zeke’s sassy, street-smart sister who becomes the unlikely producer of the movie. With her no-nonsense attitude and business acumen, she helps navigate the chaotic filmmaking process.
  • LeeLee (Tisha Campbell): Bishop Zeke’s ex-wife, a talented singer with dreams of making it big. She gets caught up in the movie production, adding a touch of musical flair and romantic tension.
  • Darius (Lamorne Morris): Bishop Zeke’s tech-savvy nephew who becomes the film’s director. Despite having no prior experience, he brings his youthful energy and knowledge of social media to the project.
  • Aunt Buttercup (Jasmine Guy): Bishop Zeke’s wise and outspoken aunt who offers both comfort and criticism throughout the filmmaking journey.


Bishop Zeke’s church is facing financial difficulties and dwindling attendance. Feeling overwhelmed, he receives a divine intervention from God himself. God instructs him to write a movie inspired by his eccentric family and the experiences of their community. Skeptical but desperate, Bishop Zeke gathers his motley crew of family and friends to embark on this unexpected filmmaking adventure.

Sista V, with her no-nonsense approach, takes charge as the producer, while Darius, Zeke’s tech-savvy nephew, steps in as the director. LeeLee, Zeke’s ex-wife, adds her musical talent to the mix, and Aunt Buttercup offers sage advice along the way. As filming progresses, the family grapples with personal challenges, navigate the hilarious chaos of filmmaking, and rediscover their faith and community spirit.

Box Office Collection (Hypothetical):

Day Box Office Collection (USD)
1 $2.5 Million
2 $3.1 Million
3 $3.8 Million
4 $4.2 Million
5 $3.5 Million
6 $2.8 Million
7 $2.3 Million
Total $22.2 Million

Total Spend (Hypothetical): $15 Million

Profit (Hypothetical): $7.2 Million (Note: This is a hypothetical estimate. Production and marketing costs can vary significantly)

Shooting Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Downloading Not Another Church Movie:

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Not Another Church Movie is a laugh-out-loud comedy that cleverly parodies the faith-based film genre. While the premise is outrageous, the film’s heart lies in its exploration of family, faith, and the power of community. Kevin Daniels shines as the conflicted Bishop Zeke, leading a cast of talented actors who deliver spot-on comedic performances. Vivica A. Fox is a scene-stealer as the sassy Sista V, and Lamorne Morris brings a quirky charm to his role as the inexperienced director.

The film expertly blends slapstick humor with witty social commentary, poking fun at church culture and the often melodramatic nature of faith-based movies. Despite its comedic tone, the film doesn’t shy away from addressing real-life issues faced by churches and communities. Through its characters’ struggles and triumphs, the movie ultimately delivers a message of hope, resilience, and the importance of finding joy in the midst of life’s challenges.

Here are some additional thoughts on the film:

  • Soundtrack: The soundtrack features a mix of gospel music, contemporary R&B, and hip-hop, perfectly complementing the film’s comedic and heartwarming moments.
  • Appeal: Not Another Church Movie is a film with broad appeal. Fans of spoof comedies will appreciate the clever humor, while those who enjoy faith-based films will find humor in the gentle satire.
  • Themes: Beyond the laughs, the film explores themes of family, forgiveness, and the importance of faith in times of struggle.


Not Another Church Movie is a delightful and surprisingly heartwarming comedy. With its hilarious characters, witty script, and positive message, it’s a film that will leave you laughing and reflecting long after the credits roll. While it might not be appropriate for all audiences




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