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Poolman 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree

Poolman 2024 Movie Review M4UFree Poolman (2024): A Refreshing Dive into Los Angeles Dreams and Local Legends

Movie Info (50 Words):

Poolman (2024) is a heartwarming comedy following a disillusioned pool cleaner who gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving a corrupt politician and a hidden truth about his beloved Los Angeles.

Poolman 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Poolman 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Character Description
Darren Barrenman (Chris Pine) A disillusioned pool cleaner with a deep love for Los Angeles and a hidden philosophical streak.
Alexa Durant (Annette Bening) A seductive and mysterious woman who tasks Darren with uncovering a conspiracy.
Jack Rizzo (Danny DeVito) Darren’s gruff but loyal friend and fellow pool cleaner, harboring a surprising connection to the city’s underbelly.
Mayor Baldwin (Clancy Brown) A charismatic but corrupt politician with a dark secret lurking beneath the surface.
Delphine (DeWanda Wise) A tenacious investigative journalist determined to expose the truth.

Theatrical Release

Poolman (2024) secured a wide theatrical release, capitalizing on the star power of Chris Pine and the film’s unique blend of comedy, mystery, and heart. Here’s a projected opening weekend box office collection:

Day Collection (USD Million)
Friday 6.8
Saturday 8.1
Sunday 5.2

Total Spend (Estimated)

  • Production Budget: $35 Million
  • Marketing Spend: $12 Million

Profit (Likely)

With a strong opening weekend, positive reviews, and potential for international distribution, Poolman is well-positioned for profitability.


Poolman (2024) dives into the heart of Los Angeles, offering a comedic and heartwarming story about disillusionment, local heroes, and the power of community. Darren Barrenman, a seemingly ordinary pool cleaner, spends his days maintaining the sparkling pools of the rich and famous. Disillusioned by the shallowness he witnesses, Darren finds solace in his deep love for Los Angeles’ history and hidden gems.

One scorching summer day, Darren’s life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters the enigmatic Alexa Durant. Alexa tasks Darren with a seemingly impossible mission – to uncover the truth behind a shady land deal involving Mayor Baldwin, a charismatic but corrupt politician. Initially hesitant, Darren finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue, fueled by his love for the city and a desire to expose injustice.

Along the way, Darren reunites with his old friend, Jack Rizzo, a gruff but loyal ex-boxer who harbors a surprising connection to the city’s underbelly. Together, they navigate the murky waters of local politics, encountering a tenacious investigative journalist, Delphine, who shares their determination to expose the truth.

As Darren delves deeper into the conspiracy, he uncovers a hidden truth about Los Angeles’ history, a secret that could change the city’s future. He must utilize his knowledge of the city’s hidden corners, his philosophical musings, and his newfound skills as an amateur detective to take down a powerful politician and expose the truth.

Shooting Location

Poolman (2024) was filmed on location in Los Angeles, California. The film captures the city’s diverse neighborhoods, from the sprawling mansions of Beverly Hills to the vibrant street art scene in Venice Beach. Filming locations showcase the iconic landmarks that Darren cherishes, highlighting the heart and soul of the city.

Download Availability

As of today (May 3, 2024), Poolman (2024) is not yet available for digital download or streaming. The film is currently playing in theaters nationwide.


Poolman (2024) is a delightful surprise, offering a refreshing blend of humor, heart, and a touch of mystery. Director Chris Pine (who also serves as co-producer) delivers a love letter to Los Angeles, showcasing the city’s unique charm and hidden depths.

Chris Pine shines as Darren Barrenman, capturing his character’s disillusionment, philosophical musings, and unwavering love for his city. Annette Bening adds a touch of intrigue and mystery as the enigmatic Alexa Durant. The supporting cast is equally impressive, with Danny DeVito bringing his signature comedic timing to the role of Jack Rizzo, DeWanda Wise showcasing her journalistic tenacity as Delphine, and Clancy Brown delivering a chilling portrayal of the corrupt Mayor Baldwin. Poolman 2024 Movie Review M4UFree M4UFree Free Download Poolman 2024 1080p | 720p | 480p [x264] HD M4UHD Download Poolman 2024 and Watch Hollywood Full Movie in English 1080p | HDTS

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