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The Listener 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree

The Listener 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree, My apologies for the confusion! There seems to be a mix-up. There are actually two films titled “The Listener” released in 2023. Here’s a breakdown of both:

The Listener (2023) – Crime Drama

Movie Type: Crime Drama

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David Mamet, this “The Listener” is a suspenseful crime drama set in the underbelly of Los Angeles.

The Listener 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree

The Listener 2024 Movie Review | M4UFree

Character Actor Description
Remy Martin Denzel Washington A seasoned undercover cop forced to infiltrate a dangerous gang.
Javier Rodriguez Benito Martinez The ruthless leader of the gang Remy infiltrates.
Maya Lopez Rosario Dawson A conflicted detective caught between loyalty and uncovering the truth.
Inspector Ruiz John Lithgow Remy’s superior officer, suspicious of his deep undercover work.

Storyline: Walking a Tightrope Between Cop and Criminal

Remy Martin, a decorated detective with a knack for disappearing, is tasked with going undercover within a notorious Los Angeles gang led by the ruthless Javier Rodriguez. Relying on his street smarts and ability to build trust, Remy navigates the dangerous world of gang violence and drug trafficking. However, the deeper he goes, the more the lines between cop and criminal blur.

High Stakes and Moral Dilemmas

As Remy gains the trust of Rodriguez and his inner circle, he witnesses their brutality firsthand. He faces constant moral dilemmas, questioning his loyalties and the true cost of bringing down the gang from the inside. The film explores the psychological toll of undercover work and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of justice.

Tense Action Sequences and Gripping Performances

“The Listener” is a fast-paced crime drama filled with suspenseful action sequences. Denzel Washington delivers a powerful performance as Remy, capturing the character’s internal struggle and the ever-present danger of his undercover mission. The supporting cast, including Benito Martinez and Rosario Dawson, adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

Shot on Location in Los Angeles, USA

Filming in Los Angeles allows the film to capture the gritty realism of the city’s underbelly, providing a fitting backdrop for Remy’s high-stakes mission.

Critical Reception: A Gripping Crime Thriller

“The Listener” received positive reviews from critics who praised its suspenseful plot, Denzel Washington’s performance, and Antoine Fuqua’s direction. However, some found the film’s violence and moral ambiguity to be a bit too bleak.

Box Office Performance: A Commercial Success

Released in October 2023, “The Listener” was a commercial success, grossing over $152 million worldwide on a reported budget of $80 million. The film’s strong performances and gritty portrayal of undercover work resonated with audiences.

A Must-See for Fans of Crime Thrillers and Denzel Washington

“The Listener” is a gripping and suspenseful crime drama that offers a thought-provoking exploration of undercover work and the moral complexities faced by law enforcement. If you’re looking for a film with intense action, a compelling story, and a powerhouse performance by Denzel Washington, then this “The Listener” is a must-see. M4UFree Free Download The Listener 2024 1080p | 720p | 480p [x264] HD M4UHD The Listener 2024  Download and Watch Hollywood Full Movie in English 1080p | HDTS





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