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Thelma the Unicorn 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Thelma the Unicorn 2024 Movie Review M4UFreeThelma the Unicorn (2024): A Glittery Tale of Dreams and Pop Stardom

Movie Info

  • Release Date: May 17, 2024 (Netflix)
  • Director: Jared Hess, Lynn Wang
  • Genre: Animated/Musical/Adventure/Comedy
  • Running Time: 93 minutes
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • IMDb Rating: Not yet available (film releases May 17th)

Thelma the Unicorn 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

Thelma the Unicorn 2024 Movie Review M4UFree

  • Thelma (Brittany Howard): A sweet and optimistic pony with a big voice who dreams of becoming a unicorn pop star.
  • Glitter Glamazon (Shondrella Avery): A demanding but ultimately supportive unicorn talent scout who discovers Thelma.
  • Gordy (Will Forte): Thelma’s loyal and goofy best horse friend, always there for her through thick and thin.
  • Ridge (Jemaine Clement): A smooth-talking music manager with ulterior motives who signs Thelma to a record deal.
  • Mayor Manny (Jon Heder): The overenthusiastic mayor of Thelma’s barnyard town, obsessed with promoting her success.

Box Office (Not Applicable – Streaming Release)

Since Thelma the Unicorn is a Netflix release, it won’t have a traditional box office run. Netflix does not release specific viewing figures, but industry estimates suggest the film could be a major hit for the streaming service.

Profitability (Difficult to Estimate for Streaming Release)

Profitability for a Netflix film is difficult to gauge as the company uses a different financial model compared to traditional theatrical releases. However, considering the star power, animation quality, and potential for strong viewership, it’s likely a profitable venture for Netflix.


Thelma the Unicorn is a heart-warming and humorous story about a small-town pony named Thelma who dreams of becoming a singing superstar. One fateful day, a magical encounter grants her wish, transforming Thelma into a magnificent unicorn. Glitter Glamazon, a talent scout from the glamorous world of unicorn pop music, discovers Thelma and whisks her away to the bright lights of Glitteropolis.

Thrust into the whirlwind of fame and fortune, Thelma struggles to navigate the cutthroat music industry. She grapples with the pressures of maintaining her unicorn image, the demands of her ambitious manager Ridge, and the constant scrutiny of the media. Through it all, Thelma relies on her best friend Gordy, who remains her voice of reason and grounding force.

As Thelma’s stardom grows, she begins to question the cost of fame and whether she’s lost sight of her original dreams. The film explores themes of friendship, staying true to oneself, and the importance of pursuing dreams with passion and integrity.

Shooting Location

The exact filming locations for Thelma the Unicorn haven’t been publicly disclosed. However, considering the animation studios involved, it’s likely a combination of animation studios in the United States and potentially outsourced work to other countries.

Download Availability

Thelma the Unicorn is a Netflix original film, so it’s not available for download on other platforms. You can watch it by subscribing to Netflix. M4UFree Free Download Thelma the Unicorn 1080p | 720p | 480p [x264] HD M4UHD Download Thelma the Unicorn Hollywood Full Movie in English 1080p | HDTS


Thelma the Unicorn is a delightful animated film that will appeal to audiences of all ages. With its vibrant animation, catchy musical numbers, and witty humor, the film keeps viewers entertained throughout. The voice cast delivers strong performances, with Brittany Howard bringing a charming earnestness to Thelma and Will Forte providing comedic relief as Gordy.

The film goes beyond glitter and pop stardom, offering a heartwarming message about the importance of staying true to oneself and finding joy in genuine connections. While some elements of the plot might be predictable for adults, the film’s overall message and execution make it a perfect choice for a family movie night.

Here are some additional thoughts and takeaways:

  • The film’s soundtrack is a highlight, featuring catchy original songs that blend pop, country, and even a touch of disco.
  • The animation style is colorful and whimsical, creating a visually engaging world for viewers of all ages.
  • Thelma the Unicorn offers a fun and lighthearted exploration of fame and ambition, with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor for adults to enjoy alongside the kids.

While the film’s critical reception won’t be available until its release date, early buzz suggests it has the potential to be a crowd-pleaser, offering a charming escape into a world of glitter, music, and the enduring power of dreams.Thelma the Unicorn 2024 Movie Review M4UFree





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