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Downloading movies legally offers several different solutions! Here are a few categories to keep in mind when searching.

  • Subscription Services: Many streaming services allow subscribers to rent movies for offline viewing at an additional fee, including popular options like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu (with some plan limitations), as well as Disney+.
  • Free Streaming Services: Some free streaming services offer movies for legal download at no charge – often only offering limited selection of movies compared to larger services like Tubi, Crackle or Pluto TV – however these may still prove an invaluable way of discovering classic or independent flicks. Examples such as Tubi are Tubi Crackle Pluto TV are just three such platforms which make legal movie downloading possible!
  • Public Domain Movies: The Internet Archive offers a large collection of public domain films – meaning their copyright has expired and they’re freely downloadable – that makes an excellent resource for discovering older films.

As previously noted, downloading movies from sites without the rights to distribute them is illegal; all the options outlined above provide legal methods of downloading and enjoying movies. Enjoy watching!

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